Rural Ireland and its Unlimited Broadband Dream

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Rural Ireland and its Unlimited Broadband Dream

What does it mean when you are promised unlimited broadband? Your internet usage revolves around how much data you download or upload by streaming movies, downloading music or playing online games. So, if you use it extensively, you’ll use more data, and would be in need of a bigger package deal. Most broadband packages offer limited options, ranging from 10 GB to 250 GB usage limit. Everything over that limit includes extra charges.

If we just think of an average data needed to stream just one movie or TV series, we’re straight out of our comfort zone. So, people are naturally choosing one of many unlimited broadband packages on the market.

Many providers are implementing different solutions to protect the fair share of bandwidth usage for all users. You’ve probably heard of a fair usage policy, as an option to limit the bandwidth usage so it doesn’t affect everyone else’s broadband connection.

Pretty soon you realize that unlimited broadband doesn’t mean you can download or stream movies as much as you like. Fortunately, just a few people manage to download high volumes of data which could be out of line. This is a way of saving the good public and marketing image of a (yours truly) unlimited broadband provider, so the customers continue to sign-up for the service.

Has Rural Ireland the right to dream of Unlimited Broadband?

Every kind of a plan or policy we make including all the issues we address are strongly influenced by what we define as a problem – in this case, what we think when we say rural Ireland.  Rural are the fields and pastures, farmyards, farmers and their businesses –all being very influenced by agricultural policy. Besides this, when we think of rural dwellers, we have to think about how different solutions affect different people.

Why is this important? Because Ireland is the most rural of the 27 EU countries for both population and land area. Given that more than half population is living in rural areas, are not the needs of a rural region the same as those in larger cities including that for an enterprise, employment, healthcare or transport?

Being peripheral or with smaller populations – most people in rural areas, however they are defined, have the same needs for employment, healthcare, education, and transport as the rest of the population.

What about Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs)?

SMEs located in the Western Region, including those in small and medium-sized towns, villages and rural areas, face some specific challenges:

  • Small local markets, small capital turnover;
  • Poor transport connectivity (for staff and freight) with no motorway in the Western Region north of Tuam and often poor quality local and regional roads linking to primary and secondary routes;
  • Declining populations in some areas, especially in the economically active (and higher spending) age categories;
  • Reduced activity in smaller town areas with the growth of online retail and improved transport access to larger urban areas offering greater retail and service choice;

And more important for us:

  • Weak and inconsistent broadband infrastructure (access and speed) constraining online operations;
  • Poor mobile phone coverage for voice calls and data;
  • Isolation and lack of networking opportunities;

Solutions that CTV Services embraced – better networking, faster broadband

A great number of our close friends and relatives are running businesses so the last thing they want to do is an unreliable poor-quality broadband.

Broadband speeds can become a genuine everyday problem, with lots of different issues and constant insecurity. Many SME managers and owners decided to reach out to a friendly local company which really understands the area and knows what the best options are to meet your specific needs & requirements.

Our company uses the latest WiMax and LTE Technology in Routers and Antennas to provide households and businesses with a better signal. It’s now more than expected to offer double the broadband speeds and signal strength in remote or badly serviced areas.

You can only imagine what a good and reliable broadband does for businesses and its networking abilities. They can think of implementing better, cutting-edge security measures and improving communication and daily operating commitments. And that only could bring big changes and improvements for any SME, no matter where they are based.

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