Irish National broadband scheme


Irish National broadband scheme

We’ve already talked about some issues people in rural Ireland are facing with broadband.

We were also wondering what went wrong with the rural broadband scheme? This was being considered as a project of equal importance as the electrification back in the days.

The ambition was to provide “next generation” broadband to all homes and businesses, combining commercial and Government investment. Considering that Rural electrification took more than 30 years to complete, what time would the National Broadband Plan take to be fully implemented?

The odds were way to chilly for anyone wanting to live in the 21st Century. Watching the current situation, promised speeds were much improved, while the timelines have extended further into the future.

A lot of companies tried to get the most of this still untouched market, and most of them believed there was a purely commercial reason to invest in their networks. Later on, it was sadly reported that local “bottlenecks” were holding them up badly. We came across an article back in 2014 that said about 600,000 homes and 100,000 businesses were said to require State intervention under the NBP. Solely because some homes were found to have connections of lower than 30 Mbs – a new minimum standard for adequate connectivity. For other homes, the commercial investment just wasn`t possible, and we are talking about 1 million Irish homes!

Ireland homeowners faced repeated promises from 2012 when the Government launched a national broadband plan with a realization date set to 2016. This process is still at its sole beginnings in 2018. Work on the NBP is now not expected to begin until 2019. So, let’s not talk about the completion date either.

But what about solutions?

With basic services now available Countrywide, our focus is on the delivery of high-speed broadband to all citizens, regardless of geographical location. Thanks to the initiative from local businesses network, we are now getting the chance to pick up where the State with its grandiose plans left off. All parts of Ireland will have access to a modern and reliable high-speed broadband network – but it is important to take small steps!

Many jobs in rural Ireland depend on people being connected to a high-speed internet connection, every day, five to six days a week. For many our countrymen, it is an absolute nightmare to explain the gaps in availability – keeping in mind meetings over Skype, video calls, communicating through online platforms or any e-commerce activity.

Or we could just talk 21st-century perks like the extent of internet usage on your smartphone, tablet, laptop, and TV. And if you are, God forbid an avid Netflix fan, your movie might pause due to the internet being so slow, that it triggers memory flashbacks.

Unlimited Broadband as a reality

This statement might not be as waggish as it sounds. Streaming services are a symbol of a capacity norm across the EU. If a business or household cannot access a service capable of streaming video, then much else is beyond doing, too.

Ireland has never lived in a broadband golden age and had its share of ups and downs. But now, this is about to change.

Unlimited Broadband internet service is now possible and without fibers and cabling. As we`ve already seen it, this is suitable especially for those who are struggling in the County`s rural areas.

Unlimited Broadband internet systems now come with a simple plug & play installation. You are without any need for cables, dishes, antennas or brackets installed outside on chimneys or gable end walls on houses. Maybe this is the right piece of the puzzle for all our hard-working countrymen left out in the cold during the fiber rollout period. You can definitely check it out!

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