Remote Support

Remote Support

Remote Support from CTV Services
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Includes Light Intermediate Advanced Professional
Health Check
Service (ie. remove unwanted software)
Virus & Spyware Scan
Virus & Spyware Removal
High Performance Antivirus Installation (1yrs Licence)
FREE €39 €49 €99

To avail of our Remote Support Computer Service, follow the steps below to install our remote login software.

Then call our office on +353 539007961 or 0894886239 and one of our technicians will help you.

Click the download to install Login software

Download TeamViewer Full version

Teamviewer will start downloading to your machine

When downloaded, click to start the installation

You will see this box:

Teamviewer will install

After installation you will see this screen:

Call us on +353 539007961 or 0894886239 with your ID and Password shown under “allow remote control” and we can log onto your machine.