Online Marketing That Is Right For You

Online Marketing That Is Right For You

Have you gotten to the situation where you have a business, a good product presented on a professionally looking website, but failing to convert your visitors into loyal customers? You thought that the time when you just sit back and relax while prospects Google your product has finally come.

It appears that digital marketing was more complicated than that. But don’t get us wrong- an amazing and well-optimized website with the latest design solutions will help prospects find your business online. This is just not the guarantee that they will stick around and hopefully buy something. They WANT MORE. So be sure to spoil and nurture them with some extra value, so they feel appreciated and taken care of.

What about your products?

Just kidding, right. We know your products are the reason you’ve built your website for and that’s fine. What we want to emphasize is that one huge mistake small business owners make, and that is – assuming that every website visitor is familiar with their products. You have to make them reflect. to think about what they need in life, which problem to solve. It’s because they usually not realize the true scope of some issue or problem they are dealing with and when they do – you better be prepared when they look for some additional information. This is the situation when they don’t want to hear your blah, blah, promises or your brand mission, but to know what you can do for them and how your products can help.

People that are ready to give you money are the ones fulfilling a need or solving some problem. They just need the right information that can help them figure out the best solution. So, it is best that all or at least most visible part of your content answers their questions, giving the right incentive that you are the right fit for their needs. This can be something like the right blogging strategy – writing more of that how to blog posts and videos, posting explanatory infographics and before- after stories.

Going social

And don’t avoid social media! They can be on top of generating qualified leads, just with applying the right tactics. It is not enough your content (which is now amazing, right) sits alone on your top-notch website. You must share it on a regular basis, preferably with a custom audience from your network. They have needs and you have the solution, it may be simple as that. So, share your articles, boost and sponsor, run a few ads and test it on different audiences.

You are not alone in this game. There are tons of businesses and entrepreneurs offering similar products and services. And nowadays, people are researching more to find the perfect fit for them. You need to stand out from your competitors. This is not easy, but achievable if you can give the customer a unique experience, that stands out from other similar businesses. But if you could create a super powerful message or an article that answers all their questions, they would give up browsing for another similar website.

Offline Social Events Effect

Maybe you’ve noticed that video didn’t kill the radio star, but now they are working hand in hand in acquiring more leads and sales to many marketers. The same goes for different businesses that went online. They didn’t ditch the good old sales team, calling their customers on the phone or attending corporate events and trade fairs. Funny, but nobody wanted to give up the good old human contact and conversation. It is because all interactions and connections businesses establish during trade shows or fairs could help businesses raise brand awareness and give firsthand live feedback on your business. And this is one great way to raise the interest of potential customers.

So, the solutions are always available, no matter the niche or the competition. But understanding the way the funnel works, as well as the buyer’s intent and knowing which strategies to trigger on which stage is another thing. The right strategy will build brand awareness, boost your sales and maybe create some extra hype around your product or service. If you like to hear more or need a custom made solution for your business, feel free to contact us anytime.

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