Unlimited Broadband Options

CTV Services Rural Broadband Options

Can you think of anything more annoying than a slow internet connection? With so much going online these days, you need to be sure that your broadband will be able keep up with all the demands of today’s busy homes & office applications & streaming etc… A great number of our family & friends now work from home, some of them are running businesses so the last thing they want to do is wait!

Broadband speeds can become a genuine everyday problem, with lots of different variables, especially in the more rural parts of Ireland. And when that is the case then you might need help from a friendly local company who really understands the area & what the best options are to meet your specific needs & requirements.

Sometimes, people are under the impression that all internet service providers speeds are the same, and are willing to accept poor quality, keeping in mind the difficulty of their surroundings & General Location. Sometimes if you have had the same bad connection for years and years, you may just have no idea of what the real world performance of your current package is or what is a good download/upload connection speed is with low contention & a low ping rate being just as important.

CTV Services is also known for providing a full end to end solution to all in need of a new personal computer, computers for starting a new business or full scale online solutions.


CTV Services UNLIMITED Broadband internet service can be broadcasted all over Wexford, and it is suitable especially for those who are struggling in the County Wexford’s more rural areas. Those areas that are known for poor quality old landlines, giving customers bad speeds and an unreliable inconsistent service.

The beauty of this new UNLIMITED Broadband internet system is its very much a simple plug & play installation without any need for untidy cables, ugly dishes, antennas or wall brackets installed outside your home on chimneys or gable end walls. And it is FAST – the install usually only takes 20 – 30 minutes.


Our Price to all customers is €25 for a site survey fee to establish if you can get signal or not. This site survey fee will go into the install costs on the day if you do decide to go ahead with an install while one of our CTV Services Engineers is ON SITE with you so that you only end up having to pay the minimum installation costs possible on the day.

If you are unsure there & then on the day when our Engineer is there with you & decide NOT to go ahead with the installation we only charge you the standard €25 site survey fee & you can contact us at a later stage if you decide to go ahead.

The total cost of all equipment, including your Wi-Fi Router, installation and your 1st month of broadband service is €200 including VAT @ 23%
If a customer decides to go for a 12-month contract, the price is €44.99 per month.
We also have a no contract obligation option which means you pay €55 per month on a month by month basis with no need to sign up for a 12-month contract if you don’t like the idea of signing a 12 month contract as we understand that in today’s competitive market some people prefer the idea of a no commitment option.

If you do prefer this option then the Install cost is still the same price of €200 on the day for everything including your 1st months internet service.

CTV Services is proud to present our most elegant solution for a BROADBAND service in Rural Ireland yet!

We are taking wireless broadband speeds to the next level, with real world speeds as fast as some fibre options that are currently available today.