PC Solutions For Home & Business

Whether you need PC, tablet or software package for your family or business, we will get you covered with best solutions and constant support.

Amazing Website Design

CTV Services creative team will help you creating stunning websites that give your business the credibility it deserves.

Diagnose & Repair

Blue screen, freezing or something else?

Our technicans will repair any operating system issues that your device is experiencing. At affordable prices.

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Broadband Website Query

Please leave your contact details and we will check CTV Services coverage in your area!

Our Services

You may not know exactly what is wrong with your broken computer. Leave it to us – we will diagnose your computer problems and make your system work properly again.

Whether you have a Dell, Sony, Acer, Toshiba, or another brand, CTV Services repair all laptop and desktop computers. We repair all operating issues. And after fixing your computer problems, we will then make it perform to the best of its ability— improving its speed and performance.

Best of all, CTV Services repair your computer without the risk of losing your photos, files, documents, music, and emails.

Computers for Business

For all your technology sales and support, from purchasing that new pc, to maintenance support and networking, our technicians can help you make the mot of your business.

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Software & Upgrades

At CTV Services we offer great upgrades for great prices. We only install high quality components, each coming with a 12 month replacement warranty.

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Computers for Family

New tablet for the kids, or software packages as they set off to college. We can help you prepare your family for it all and advise you on whats best.

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Creative Website Design

CTV Services develops custom websites that build brands, promote products and enable e-commerce solutions. We specialize in bringing business online with innovative technologies and world class design. Successful website design lies in its ability to combine rich content and innovative design with intelligent applications. We use state of the art technology to create a dynamic website that interacts with users and reflects the image of your business.

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Remote Support

Remote Support from CTV Services
Click | Install | Call

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Social Media Marketing

Every business and organisation needs to be on social media as much as they need a phone number. Nowadays, those without a social media presence are simply losing customers and opportunities. Every day in Ireland 91% of adults are online. Your competition have social media. Do you?

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Diagnose & Repair

  • Troubleshoot and diagnose computer using professional tools
  • Repair any operating system issues (blue screens, boot issues, freezing, slowness etc.)
  • Remove all viruses, spyware, malware, and rootkits
  • Apply system tweaks and modifications to speed up the computer
  • Install operating system critical updates
  • Remove unneeded startup items
  • Provide expert recommendations to help avoid any issues in the future
  • Install free antivirus security software
  • Leave you with a faster, stronger, and healthier computer

Smart Home, Made Easy


Freedom of Choice

CTV Services is about freedom of choice. While the other guys lock you into their systems, we don’t! We’re compatible with a wide variety of Certified Partner Devices, from dozens of top brands.

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Room to Grow

With CTV Services, you own your system. If you decide to move, it can easily move with you. We’re great for renters, homeowners, and perfect for second homes and vacation properties too.

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Guaranteed Compatibility

We guarantee that CTV Services will work with every Certified Partner Product! You have the flexibility to freely choose any of the partner products that meet your needs. Today, and tomorrow.

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Web Design Packages

PC & Laptop Maintenance Service Packages

What Our Customers Say

  • On the same day I asked for a quote, I was able to take my computer to CTV Services. He took a look, told me I needed to get a new battery, explained some things, and helped me find a very cheap new one on e-bay. He sent me the link to the correct model, with all specifications, and sent me home without charging anything. The problem is solved. And by the way, when I went there I had an annoying adaptor from American to UK outlet, and instead, he gave me a cable with a UK plug that he had extra. Really trustworthy and knows what he’s doing. I’ll definitely recommend or come back whenever needed.

  • Really excellent service at a great price. He runs it out of his office in Wellingtonbridge, and he is honest, punctual, and extremely knowledgeable in his craft. I would fully recommend him to anyone for repair. Very glad I found his service. He got me out of a hitch fast.

  • The best alternative internet service to areas without Fiber powered broadband!

    The installation was quick & easy & completed the same week we ordered and has been very reliable ever since & we had Internet straight away. We never have issues or problems with the Service package we have taken. The internet connection has been very reliable. If we do have an issue, CTV Services were very responsive and could sort things out very quickly. My thanks to CTV Services.

  • I just want to thank you for the great service we are experiencing since we joined your network,

    CTV Services has been above and beyond what we imagined. Because we live in a rural community we’ve had a few companies offer a slow broadband connection in the past with speed been slowed down when you reach a certain amount of data usage, this is especially annoying trying to run a business from home. Thankfully your different packages allow us to choose what quantity of data we want at a price that is not more than we were paying in the past. We need to upload and download very large files and hence this has helped us greatly. You will never realise the benefit your company means to our business, after nine years looking and searching we have found the one that I have no doubt will work for us into the future. I have and would highly rate your company to anyone looking for broadband. Five stars all round.