Remote Support is an IT Lifesaver

Remote Support is an IT Lifesaver

Maybe you had an emergency, or you need a quick fix to get your engines running? Many consultants and IT help pros that support multiple clients agree that on-site visits are becoming tiresome, expensive and less than efficient. So, adding remote support to our business options can be a real advantage to both businesses. Clients always appreciate additional options, and it surely brings a bit of sanity back into the workday.

1. Remote Support Efficiency

If you have to drive to every client or the other way around, you’re spending precious time (and money) in your car. Instead of a fifteen to thirty-minute drive, why not make that a five or fifteen minutes of problem-solving? More things are getting done with far more efficiency. There is downtime of getting clients connected to you – but most often that is a fairly smooth process. For every situation when a simple “open your browser” situation fails, there is always a drop-off and collection option available.

2. Client-friendly Approach

Many times, we have a situation where the whole family is less than happy for having an IT guy around. Whether it’s due to bad timing, impossible scheduling, or that – there are instances when remote support would mean gold. These situations could lead to not getting much work done (or worse, working under a pressure no one needs). Avoiding this by offering remote support for those clients means a lot for future cooperation.

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3. Multi-tasking

When you work remotely, you can do as many jobs as you can juggle. For businesses and private clients, this means getting more things done with less time. This type of situation, of course, must be handled with care. Most important is to get things done, no matter how big or small problem you address. If handled properly, remote support enables you to get much more done in less time.

4. After Hours Options

Remote support also allows you to get help after hours. There are certain situations (such as Windows updates – especially on servers) were working after hours is the only way to get something done. For those times, you’ll be glad you have remote support. I have run into numerous instances where a client had a problem but didn’t have time for me to work on the said problem until the end of working hours. It is a perfect solution for all working people.

5. Work from Home

We are a big fan of this – working in PJs, always with a cup of coffee around. Well, it’s not always like that, but there are many benefits of working at own pace and within a safe and known environment. I always find, when I’m working in a comfortable environment, I work better. And that experience is shared with a lot of our clients. Including remote services is making the work-from-home model work both for us and our clients.

6. Fast Response

The difference between hopping in your car and dialing a number or checking into remote access software could be crucial. When you’re dealing with failing hardware or something demanding immediate turnaround, you`ll need to act fast. Super-fast contact times are essential for a quick resolution of issues.

We know it is greatly appreciated when you can get the technology back up and running smoothly from behind the magic curtain. One thing we must say – not every job can be handled remotely. Considering remote work depends upon a solid network connection, and it should be pretty obvious there will be times when a technician has to be on site. But when you have the choice, working remotely sure makes the job easier for both sides.

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