Social Media Scaling – How to Execute a Successful Strategy

Social Media Scaling – How to Execute a Successful Strategy

We are (still) in 2018, so if you are trying to launch and develop any type of brand – it’s no longer necessary to say that you need to pay attention to social media.
But many companies still think that social media management is just sharing a post or two once a day and ignore many opportunities and strategies. A whole new world of opportunity is now possible thanks to social media.

Social media scaling is one of the most neglected opportunities, which can bring you direct sales. A social scaling strategy can be applied in various ways. It can be executed by your production team, customer support or social selling team. Social media scaling is essential for market research nowadays.

At CTV Services, we research every current project for our clients as well as for our own business. Content creation is a fundamental function of our own content marketing efforts. We can also track campaigns, uncover insights that may help improve our clients’ performance and refine a perspective from the data we collect. The ability to conduct quality research and measure brand performance has helped immensely with our new client acquisition.

Social Media Management- is it worth it?

Engaging social media strategy at every stage of your business, from product development to closing sales was always our top priority.
We know, it’s easy to talk about this. Real-life scenarios on the other hand, could easily save or destroy your business strategy or reputation. So, we focused on how social insights could bring real and tangible results.

What could social data from any brand reveal about their business strategy?

A number of mentions are the most basic information you can get in order to obtain the necessary data. Nobody should neglect this metric due to its simplicity — the number of mentions can tell you a lot about brand’s visibility on social media. If the number of mentions is slowly declining, you obviously know what to do – add more juice to your social media strategy.

Sudden changes in the number of mentions could lead to new opportunities. If some product sales or performance is going well, you could easily get yourself a spontaneous PR opportunity. This should be harnessed immediately and with care, because you could be facing another side of the coin in just a month or two. A sudden increase in mentions could also be indicating some issues your customers were experiencing with your brand!

What kind of mentions?

Measuring mentions’ sentiment could add more quality to your data. Negative mentions are the most important indicator of customer support and crisis prevention. As a business owner, you should pay attention to negative mentions for the following reasons:

Individual messages, which express negative sentiment, may indicate an unhappy customer. In this case, your customer support team will be able to reach out to them and help.

The overall high number of negative mentions or a sudden increase in the number of negative mentions may indicate a faulty product or a PR crisis.

Negative mentions of your competitors could be a source of new clients. By monitoring your competitor, you could track unhappy customers and offer them to switch to your product. It’s a bit sneaky, but an effective market strategy!

Don’t Try It All

You can’t expect success everywhere unless you have a big Social Media Department with some unreal budget. Act wise and spend your time and resources only on the platforms that make sense for your brand and the customers you want to attract.

All you need to consider is the age, lifestyle, and interests of your customers, use those insights in order to enhance your marketing results. Don’t overpromise and try to have it all, it could hurt your brand in the long run.

Organic and Paid Campaigns – Don’t Put All your Eggs in One Basket

If your organic reach is declining across social platforms, you shouldn’t worry (much). Recent algorithm updates left most businesses out in the cold. So, they must be prepared to “pay to play”, if still want to get in front of potential customers.

Still, the best and most effective social media strategy includes a combination of organic and paid efforts.

Creating a successful social media marketing strategy was never easy, even for a seasoned expert. Staying true to your brand identity and being strategic is what counts the most. It usually means how you allocate resources and harness the power of organic and paid social content.

Social Media as Digital Fairground

So, as we seen before, social media is here to stay. All we need to learn and do is testing, try and learn on the go. No one should neglect the opportunity that makes market research and lead generation available to everyone.

This is a virtual fairground – you see a lot of people, investigate their interests, hopes, and desires. Just try to communicate with them on a personal basis, be kind and resourceful, you could be facing a true brand renaissance

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