TOP Remote Access Security Risks

Remote Access Security Risks

TOP Remote Access Security Risks

Business owners nowadays are frequently asking the same question: Is remote access secure? Remote access relies on a few things, including implementing security protocols protecting you from cyber-attacks and any unauthorized access of confidential information.

Remote access provides the flexibility to perform a wide range of IT tasks from anywhere. These tasks include everything from troubleshooting to app management and bandwidth monitoring.

By partnering with an inexperienced provider and without the tools to perform the job effectively you are exposing your home or business network open to countless security risks.

Now, we are listing just a few security risks associated with ineffective remote management, but the list is getting bigger by the day.

TOP 3 remote access security risks

• No encryption. Encryption is the sole essence of data security – defined as “the conversion of electronic data into another form, called cipher text, which cannot be easily understood by anyone except authorized parties.”

• Weak system protection from malware and viruses: companies cannot afford to be stingy about web and system protection. Malicious content, including malware, spyware and viruses, attacks private users in search of some benefits, so we cannot stay blind to emerging danger of cybercrime attacking businesses around the world.

• The lack of asset tracking. An effective tracking solution displays all managed computers on a network, enabling you to make consistent updates, be alerted when new devices are added and uncover potential IT problems before they become evident.

Remote access definitely means different things to different people. This is the way people access their company’s database while working at home; or workers in the field who upload and download information from out of office, car or their customers’ premises. The method varies, with information being carried along every type of medium, including smartphones, PCs and different networks. Most products conform to standards and virtually the entire industry uses IP externally, and even on internal communication systems.

Outsourcing is caring

The major business decision is to decide whether employees linked via remote technology will be more productive. However, remote access can be a complex project to manage, mainly because the security and management issues often mean a company has to donate time and resources it does not have. The major development in recent years has been the enormous change in the extent of information access.

The processing of information is also faster and available, meaning that more data is being sent down the lines. User friendliness is a major consideration in employing a remote access solution for the workers, and it can be a solution when problems arise. It is expensive enough to support workers on PC-based systems when they are in the same building as the IT department, but this is made much more difficult when support staff have no physical access to the employees’ equipment. For this reason, the hardware and applications linking staff to the corporate system must be “plug-and-play”. This can be done through the use of remote diagnostic tools, giving support technician, whether he is in-house or outsourced, and the access of remote workers’ PC to identify any problems.

Another flaw in the process is the potential security risk in giving the worker access to mission-critical systems. The company can be exposed to the risk of hackers stealing information or damaging a system. So, one must act fast and smart in those situations. This is why virtual private networks (VPN) have become so popular with companies needing to grant secure remote access. A virtual private network is a system that uses the internet, but also encrypts the data so that it cannot be read. For consultants and IT help pros, the standard model of on-site visits can get tiresome, but it can also become expensive and less than efficient. That is why adding remote support to your options can be a real deal for you.

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