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No need to connect to electricity, solar power and built-in lithium battery power the unit.

No wiring, no need to go through walls, no power cables.

Remote viewing, remote viewing anytime, anywhere through the app.

Human body induction: when it senses movement, it will take a video immediately.

Inductive street light, It will automatically turn on the built in light when it senses movement.

Simple installation, install by yourself, no need to use a professional.

Product name: Low power consumption 4G solar ball camera
Model: Q9-4G
Induction principle: HMD (Human Motion Detection)
Main chip: Ingenic T21Z/T31Z
Sensor: F23/2063/SONY307/SONY327 1/2.7" CMOS sensor
Network protocol: TCP/IP, HTTP, TCP, UDP, SMTP, DHCP, DNS, P2P
Adjustable angle: horizontal 355u00b0, vertical 120u00b0
Effective pixels: 2 million
Resolution: 1920*1080
Focal length: 4mm
Shooting distance: about 25-30 meters maximum.
Shooting angle: 360u00ba (can be rotated)
Response time: 0.6 seconds
Battery capacity: 6 18650 lithium batteries
Solar panel power: 8W (optional 3 meters extension cable)
Rated charging current: 1455mA
Night shooting: white light (fill light) and infrared optional
White light power: 1W LED
Infrared power: 1W LED
Storage capacity: 32G card can be stored for about 45 days (can store about 9000 videos, 20 seconds for each start of shooting, 200 times a day for calculation), after it is full, it will be overwritten from the earliest shooting day.
Sensing distance: 0-15 meters
Sensing angle: 360u00ba (rotatable)
Working temperature: -15u2103 to 60u2103
Working humidity: 0%-90%RH
Power supply: photoelectric dual purpose, solar + built-in lithium battery power supply
Standby power consumption: about 0.08W
Working power consumption: u22642W during the day, u22642.8W at night
Waterproof rating: IP67
Host size: 220mm*170mm*115mm
Host weight: 0.52kg
Solar panel size: 243mm*183mm*45mm
Solar panel weight: 0.87kg (including 6 18650 batteries)
Packing size: 288mm*207mm*182mm
Application scenarios: home entrances, yard entrances, fish ponds, orchards, breeding farms, mines, construction sites, and all places where power and wiring are not convenient.
Package weight: 1.72kg (including 6 18650 batteries)
Adjustable angle: horizontal 355°, vertical 120°
Privacy protection: local storage, no leakage

Packing list:

1 x host
1 x stents
1 x screw package
1 x instruction
1X solar panels

Unit must be in range of your WiFi to connect to the internet.

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