​CAT5 / CAT6 90 Degree RJ45 Adapter (UP)

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CAT5 / CAT6 90 Degree RJ45 Adapter (UP)

90 Degree RJ45 Adapter


8P8C Male Ethernet Plug

8P8C Female Ethernet Socket

Quantity: 1

Orientation: Upwards Facing

* (Please Check Your Setup Before Purchasing)

Compatibility: CAT5 & CAT6 Cabling / Connectors

Colour: Black

CAT5 / CAT6 90 Degree RJ45 Adapter (UP)

90 degree RJ45 adapters are used where space is tight behind a networked device

The are used to add strain relief to avoid cables being bent to fit a particular situation

Examples include PCs, wall mounted TVs, set top boxes, android boxes etc...

Right angle RJ45 adapters gives a neat and tidy finish

A low price solution

They take the strain off your connectors & cabling

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