Sleek Wireless Mini PC
The Minix N42C-4 provides the functionality and power of a desktop computer in a stylish and compact form. This mini PC is powered by Intel processor N4200 Apollo Lake CPU and 4GB RAM, making it super fastto offer an exceptional experience. The Windows 10 operating system is pre-installed, so you won’t have to set up the system as it is ready to run right out of the box. It is designed to provide smooth and stable performance and operation. The PC has an active cooling solution that produces minimum noise and causes no disturbance. The design of the mini PC contains air holes and ventilation to maximize airflow. It helps in maintaining the correct temperature and prevents over-heating.
Great Graphics
This PC is equipped with Intel HD Graphics 505 GPU that is perfect for providing clear, bright, and sharp graphics. You can play heavy games without having to compromise the quality of graphics. It is capable of producing crystal-clear, super detailed and HD visuals effortlessly. The mini PC supports multiple media formats, the video format includes 4K, MPEG, MPEG1, MPEG2, WMV, MPEG4, HD, and MKV. The audio format includes AAC, MP3, WMA, APE, and FLAC. The photo format it supports is JPEG, PNG, GIF, and JPG.
Internal Memory
The internal storage capacity of the mini PC is 32 GB and with 3 USB 3.0 ports as well as USB type C you can easily expand this with external storage. It also has two 2280 M.2 slot SODIMM slots. This enables you to expand the RAM up to 8GB.
Several Ports
The interface of the mini PC contains 3 USB 3.0 ports, 1 Ethernet port, 1 USB Type-C port, 1 mini DP, 1 DC Power, 1 SPDIF, and 1 HDMI 1.4.You can connect it a full HD monitor and enjoy your favorite media on the big screen. The mini PC has Wi-Fi- and Bluetooth supports making it easy to share and connect with other devices. You can surf the internet and share content with your family and friends without any difficulty. At a Glance…
  • Powered by the Intel N4200 Apollo Lake Processor and 4GB DDR3L RAM for a smooth performance.
  • 32GB of Internal Storage and 3 USB 3.0 ports for all your data needs
  • Intel Graphics card provides better and clearer visuals.
  • Dual-band Wi-Fi and Ethernet connectivity as well as Bluetooth 4.1
Key Features... Enjoy stunning visuals on a large 11.6-Inch Full-HD display that comes with IPS technology Windows 10 64Bit OS (Licensed) treats you with the latest Microsoft features Attach your magnetic keyboard (not included) and turn your tablet into a full-blown Windows laptop The same powerful hardware but now with 128GB of storage for even more games, software, and media   Large Screen Tablet PC   The EZpad 6 Pro is a Windows Tablet that enables you to have access to the features of Windows on the go. The sleek design of the Tablet PC offers you sophisticated feel and look. With the help of a magnetic keyboard, you can turn your Tablet into a full-blown laptop. It is perfect for working on the go. The Windows 10 operating system makes the PC superfast that offers a smooth user experience. You can get access to the latest apps and games through the Windows Store. You can get access to the Start Menu and to some new features like Edge browser.   Big Screen + High Performance   The display size of the EZpad 6 Pro tablet PC is 11.6 inch with 10-point FHD display that will bring the images and videos to life. You will be able to watch quality images and videos thanks to 1920 x 1080 resolution. The IPS technology enables to enjoy rich and sharp details irrespective of your viewing angle. The Intel Apollo Lake Quad Core processor offers you smooth and fast performance without slowing down. The Tablet comes with a 6 GB RAM that lets you enjoy the most demanding and latest software without any trouble. Whether you are a gamer or movie enthusiast, it is capable of handling all types of tasks.     The EZpad has a 2-megapixel front camera that lets you chat with your friends and loved ones. You can even take pictures of the precious moments that you will cherish forever. The tablet has a 128GB internal storage along with 128 GB SD card slot. It provides you ample of space to store your photos, documents, files, and many other things. You can take your files with you and don’t have to worry about running low on storage.   The battery size of the tablet computer is 9000mAh that will last for several hours on a single charge. The HDMI port enables you to connect it to an external screen and enjoy your favourite media on the big screen. You can also enjoy 2 screen setup side by side. The EZpad 6 Pro is ideal for both entertainment and business purposes.   The EZpad 6 Pro 128GB version is available with 12 months warranty, brought to you by the leader in electronic devices as well as wholesale Tablet PCs and computer gadgets.
This is a beautiful all-in-one PC that features a massive 23.8 Inch Full-HD display on which it delivers an absolutely stunning media and gaming experience. Featuring an ultra-slim and stylish design, this powerful monitor PC is sure to grab the attention of your friends and family and leave an everlasting impression. Now available for a remarkably low price it certainly is the ultimate piece of electronics that is sure to fit perfectly in any modern home and office. Packed within its flat monitor, this all-in-one PC holds a powerful Quad-Core Intel CPU that is capable of tackling the latest games, movies, and other sorts of entertainment without dropping a frame. Thanks to its speedy performance, this monitor PC can be used perfectly for both business and entertainment alike, guaranteeing a smooth user experience no matter your computing style. Besides its powerful processor, this cool PC furthermore holds the Intel Graphics 400 GPU which brings forth stunning detail and vivid color – allowing you to play the most graphically demanding games while experiencing truly breathtaking visuals. The 4GB of RAM this monitor PC packs can be expanded up to 16GB for those of you that want to take the absolute most out of their upcoming PC gaming experience. Featuring an HDMI output at the side of its screen, this beautiful compact PC allows you to connect it to a secondary display. Supporting 2K output, it lets you expand your desktop onto an ultra-HD monitor or HD projector – providing you with the perfect way to give presentations or to simply watch a movie on your big screen TV with your friends or family. Additionally, this stunning computer comes with three USB 2.0, two USB 3.0, DC in, and 3.5mm audio jack ports – letting you use it conveniently with other hardware such as external keyboards, gamepads, or audio devices. Supporting 128GB internal memory, this monitor PC is sure to hold plenty of space for you to store your latest programs, games, and files. On its large 23.8 Inch display, it portraits all your favorite media in stunning 1080p resolution and with a 16:9 aspect ratio – making it perfect for watching movies and enjoying all other sorts of media and entertainment. Whether you like to browse the web, play games, watch movies, or simply use it to for business related purposes it will be sure to meet the toughest PC demands.
Key Features…
  • 23.8 Inch Full-HD display delivers crisp detail and vivid color
  • Compact all-in-one computer is perfect for business and entertainment alike
  • Powerful CPU, 4GB RAM, and Intel Graphics 400 GPU bring along a stunning performance
  • 128GB hard drive storage for all your media and documents
Barebones Mini PC
If you want a min desktop PC that can bring high-end processing power with the low-end cost then look no further than this amazing barebones minicomputer. It comes with a 64Bit version of Windows 10 preinstalled and is ready to go right out of the box. The sleek aluminium body has a grooved top that provides extra surfaces space and allows it to act as a large heatsink. This allows the mini PC to have operated without a fan meaning it runs silently. It has two wi-fi Antenna for a better wireless connectivity as well as ports for USB, mic, speaker, VGA, HDMI and LAN cable. The bottom of the mini PC has room for screws allowing you to attach it to the rear of a monitor, alternatively, the desk mount lets it sit virtually reducing the footprint on your working area also ensuring better airflow for optimum cooling. This mini PC is powered by the beastlike Intel Core i3-7100U CPU and has a whopping 16GB of DDR3 RAM as well as 256GB of internal storage. There is a 2.5inch SATA port for those who require extra data space as well as 4 USB ports for peripherals or pen drives. A Gigabit Ethernet port is well able to pull through fast network traffic but with dual Wi-fi antennas, you can connect wirelessly so there is greater freedom of where you use the mini PC. With its considerable processing potential as well as licensed windows 10 OS you can enjoy high-end computer at bargain prices making this a worth consideration for any home entertainment or workplace computing needs
Key Features...
  • Intel Core i3-7100U Processor and 16GB of RAM for a commanding performance
  • Fan-less mini PC runs virtually silent so there are no disturbances when watching films or playing games
  • SATA HDD support, as well as SD card and USB, offers easy ways to expand the storage
  • Ready to go out of the box with licensed Windows 10 OS
Barebones Mini PC
This barebones takes fan less mini computing to the next level. Powered by Intel Core i5-5200U CPU and boasting a massive 16GB of DDR3 RAM it has a performance that will surely impress. Whether you’re playing online games such as Warcraft or Counterstrike, or whether you’re wanting to stream 4K video this Mini Computer is able to do it all. It has a metal body designed to promote passive cooling allows it to do away with a noise fan. This means that there are no distractions when playing game or watching movies. Simply connect this mini PC to a monitor, keyboard, mouse and speakers to have a complete desktop computer setup or connect to your TV for an awesome TV box. There are ports for HDMI, VGA, SD card, mic, speaker USB and SATA so you can connect all your peripherals and have loads of storage options. This makes the mini PC an ideal setup for any home or business and what’s more it comes with 256GB of onboard storage and has a licensed version of Windows 10 running so it’s ready to go direct from the box.
Key Features..
  • Intel Core i5-5200U Processor and 16GB of RAM for a commanding performance
  • Fan-less mini PC runs virtually silent so there are no disturbances when watching films or playing games
  • >SATA HDD support, as well as SD card and USB, offers easy ways to expand the storage
  • >Ready to go out of the box with licensed Windows 10 OS