Would you like to broadcast your wireless signal in every corner of your home or office? A lot of notable access points brands will disappoint you as common barriers such as walls and floors will prevent them from doing that. But the UniFi developed by Ubiquiti Network is something else. Its power and reach allows it to serve every nook and cranny. You can browse, e-mail, stream, and do whatever you want with great ease no matter where you are.

Dual-band Connectivity

The UniFi access point supports 802.11n wireless connectivity standard, which is deemed to be a lot faster and more efficient than the 802.11g. In fact, it’s three times faster as far as data transfer is concerned. And because it’s a brand-new technology, it has lesser interference and noise. You won’t have any problem using QoS and allocating bandwidth to multiple devices.

Hands-off Roaming

The access point has another amazing feature known as hands-off roaming. It is downloadable or accessible through your mobile device such as your phone, transforming it into an access point that looks for another AP when you’re on the move. And considering there are hundreds of APs everywhere, you can have your Internet connection on demand.

Cloud Controllers

With the cloud controlling software that goes together with UniFi, you can now manage it as well as the other connected devices through an intensive but easy-to-understand interface that is accessible online. This then allows you to regulate its performance, among others, in remote locations.

Great Form Factor

The UniFi unit is simple and unobtrusive. It can easily pass as a smoke detector, though it still looks sleek and modern. Through its Ethernet port, you can link various devices and seamlessly add this to your existing network. There’s a PoE injector as well that’s included in the package.