Mini Wireless Keyboard

Mini Wireless Keyboard

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Mini Wireless Keyboard & Touchpad Mosue
Colour: Black
2.4GHz Connection
Range: 5m Approx
Dimensions: 158x55x15mm
Power: Takes 2x 1.5v AAA Batteries (Supplied)
Note: ON/OFF Switch on Keyboard – Turn OFF When Not Using to Extend Battery Life
Can be used as a wireless keyboard and mouse with many different devices
Is compatible with our range of Android set top boxes
Is far more convenient than just using the remote itself
Is far more handier than using a wired USB keyboard and mouse
Is compatible with a wide range of devices
Has both a keyboard and touchpad mouse built in
Is very responsive and has a good range of use
As the name suggests, it is a mini keyboard and mouse
To that extent, buttons are smaller and may not be suitable for the less dexterous among us
But once you get the hang of it, you’ll use the mini wireless keyboard easily