Edgerouter PoE

Edgerouter PoE



EdgeRouter PoE is the delivery of 1 million PPS

EdgeRouter PoE

More wireless and networking devices are now operating alongside PoE units such as adapters and injectors. After all, power over Ethernet carries a long list of benefits. One, you can choose to direct the power output over the same wire or cable that supports the transmission. This way, you need to manage only a few cables only. Second, the deployment is quick and easy. In less than 5 minutes, you can already have the system up and running. Third, this reduces your dependency on installation specialists that can cost more money. Fourth, because there are fewer wires, power interruption and other technical issues are reduced.

The EdgeRouter PoE provides all these benefits—and definitely a lot more.

Fast Speed

One of the best attributes of EdgeRouter PoE is the delivery of 1 million PPS. This means that its high performance makes it so reliable and efficient when dealing with very large files. You wouldn’t experience any interruption or noise that may sometimes lead to the packet or even data loss.

Several Ports

This PoE unit comes with 5 powerful ports (3x Router Ports, 2x Switch ports). They are capable of providing Gigabit transmission as well as full support of PoE output, which can be either 24V volts or 48 volts. You can also have more control over the voltage using the proprietary software that comes along with the bundle.

EdgeMax Software

The EdgeRouter PoE operates alongside EdgeMax, which is its software interface. It allows you to have a lot of control not only in the configuration and management but even on the operation of the device. The GUI has been designed to be very intuitive and thus fast and easy to use. You can customize the VPN, Dynamic DNS, firewall, VLAN interfaces, QoS, routing protocols, IP addressing, and DHCP relay, among others. Because it’s also an open-source platform, you can further personalize it depending on your enterprise needs.