CAT5 Punch Down Tool

CAT5 Punch Down Tool


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Professional CAT5 Punch Down Tool
Dimensions (WxDxH): 102mm x 295m x 25mm
Manufacturer: Philex
Built in Cutter: Yes
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Hook Attachments for Unwiring IDC Connections
The tool is used to cut and punch CAT5 cable which is being terminated into an RJ45 wall plate
Also used with RJ11 face plates
How to Use
Strip down a length of CAT5 cable
Then untwist the 4 pairs of cables
Line up the wires to the colour code on the side of the RJ45 Keystone Jack
Feed the cables from the inside to the outside – leave an overhang of about 5mm
Push down the punch onto the cable with the cutting edge on the outside
Press home – it punches the wire into the slot and cuts off the excess wire
Repeat for all 8 wires
Punches and cuts in a single action
Neat and compact tool
Easy to use
Gives a very good join
Relatively inexpensive