50m Outdoor Cat5e UTP Ethernet Cable Roll

50m Outdoor Cat5e UTP Ethernet Cable Roll

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CAT5e UTP100MHz Ethernet Cable
Colour: Black
Protective PE Sheath
Outer Cable Diameter: 5.35mm
Core Cable Diameter: 0.85mm (Inner 0.49mm)
Water Resistant
UV Resistant
Pairs: 4 Sets of Twisted Pair
Manufacturer: Philex
Part Number: 70399CCAPE/50
Rip Chord: Yes
High Quality CAT5 Cable
CCA: Copper Clad Aluminium (0.5mm)
Length: 50m
Note: We have tested this cable on camera runs of over 300m and it worked perfectly
Outer Diameter: 6mm
Terminated: No
Packaging: Vacuum Packed Roll
Suitable Connector Type:
RJ45 8 Pin Connector
Need to use an RJ45 Crimping Tool
For a wide range of purposes when it is necessary to run CAT5 outdoors e.g.:
Wireless broadband antenna being run to a router
Connecting a second building to a LAN network
Running cables to outdoor IP Cameras
Comes with a protective PE Sheath which is resistant to water and UV rays
Ideal for using outdoors
Will work over very long runs
Ideal for almost all outdoor jobs
Is unterminated making pulling through walls & ducting easier