50m CAT6 Ethernet Network Cable Roll

50m CAT6 Ethernet Network Cable Roll


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Standard: CAT6 Cable
Colour: Grey
Length: 50m
Wires Per Cable: 8
Outer Cable Diameter: 6.24mm
Outer Core Cable Diameter: 0.95mm (Inner 0.54mm)
UTP: Untwisted Pair
26AWG (American Wire Gauge)
Pair Sequence: EIA/TIA-568 Category 6
Gigabit Ready
Terminated: No
Usage: Indoors Only
CCA (Copper Clad Aluminium)
Max Run Length: 50m Approx
In Gigabit Networks (1000Mbps)
This a good quality and competitively priced CAT6 cable from a brand name company
The 50m run is very popular for both professional and home use
Are compatible with gigabit networks
Are backward compatible with older networks
Unterminated means it’s easier to pull through walls and ducting
Can be cut to desired length
In pure material terms, unterminated CAT6 cable is cheaper then buying pre-terminated cables
Does not offer the same run lengths or capacity as the pure copper CAT6 cable
CAT6 cables are slighlty more expensive than CAT5 cables