305m Outdoor CAT5e FTP Ethernet Cable Roll

305m Outdoor CAT5e FTP Ethernet Cable Roll

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CAT5e UTP100MHz Ethernet Cable
CCA: Copper Clad Aluminium (Without Magnesium)
No Magnesium Improves the Overall Conductivity of Cable
But Cores are Softer – It’s a Compromise Between Speed & Strength
Implications: The Cable Performs Better But Slightly Harder to Work With
Our Own Tests:
We Have Run HD Picture Over a 305m Length Using a Single Pair With Perfect Picture
We Have Operated PTZ Telemetry Control Over 305m, Again Worked Perfectly on Single Pair
Colour: Black
Screened: Yes (FTP)
Pairs: 4 Sets of Twisted Pair
Outer Cable Diameter: 6.1mm
Inner Cable (Incl. Foil) Diameter: 3.9mm
Outer Core Cable Diameter: 0.89mm (Inner 0.48mm)
High Quality Shielded CAT5 Cable
Length: 305m
Connector type:
RJ45 8 Pin Connector
Need to use an RJ45 Crimping Tool
Roll Comes on Wooden Drum
Used specifically for outdoor jobs but could be used indoors
Used where cables are to be run along side electric cabling
Foil shielded to prevent electrical interference
Building Local Area Networks (LANs) for connecting computers, printers etc into a network
Connecting the ethernet port on a satellite receiver to the internet
Connecting IP security cameras back to a router
The RJ stands for ‘Registered Jack’
The RJ11 comes with 4 pin slots
Only the 2 middle pins are needed
It is used for dial up internet or voice but not broadband.
it is used with telephone cables
If the RJ connector has copper pins in all 4 slots
it is actually an RJ14 but can be used as if it was an RJ11
The other commonly used RJ plug is the RJ45
It is used with LAN networks, ethernet ports etc
It has 8 pins
It is used with CAT5 cable