200Mbps Wireless Hotspot Homeplug

200Mbps Wireless Hotspot Homeplug

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1x Wireless Homeplug Extender
Manufacturer: Brand May Vary Depending on Supplier Availability
Brands Usually Include Tenda, Aztech, Edimax etc
200Mbps Wireless Powerline Extender
Compatible with 200Mbps Powerline adapters
Range: 300m (Max)
Pack contains
1x wireless homeplug unit
1x ethernet cable
User manual & CD
Each Homeplug unit has
3 Pin plug connection
10/100 ethernet port
LED Indicators: PWR, PLC, ETH,WIFI
Power Supply Input Voltage: 100 – 240V
Dimensions: 94mm x 60mm x 36mm
Frequency : 50/60Hz
Note: This unit works in conjunction with standard wired homeplug units
Other Specs
Home Plug 1.0 specification
HomePlug AV, IEEE802.3, IEEE802.3u,IEEE802.11n/g/b
Encryption: 128-bit AES, WEP, WPA/WPA2, WPA-PSK/WPA2-PSK Encryption
Platform Support: OS Independent with TCP/IP protocol installed
How It Works
The wireless homeplug extender provides no new wires communications to any room, over the electric cables, at the speed of up to 300Mbps (wired) or 300Mbps (wireless).
A minimum of 2 homeplug adaptors are needed
One homeplug unit connects into the router via an ethernet cable and is plugged into an electric socket
The broadband signal travels through the electrical cabling in the wall
The second homeplug (wireless) unit is plugged into an electric socket where the broadband connection is needed and starts transmitting wirelessly from that location
It can also be connected via an ethernet cable at this point
The main uses of these homeplugs are where you would like to extend the range of your wireless network
Say for example, you were in a big building or a building with very thick walls( older houses especially), then you may not be able to get the wirelss signal in some areas
Possible applications include;
Multimedia payloads
TV over IP
Higher data rate broadband sharing
Online gaming
VOIP calls
Extending wireless LAN coverage
Audio / Video Transmission over a network
Network camera connectivity
No need to run extra wires around your home or office
Just plugs into any standard electrical wall socketExtends the range of your wireless networkLow cost compared to getting contractor in to run extra cablesNo drilling of walls or need to run CAT5 cables throughout your home or officeVery reliable wireless homeplug extender from a leading manufacturer
You need two units to create the network, 1x standard homeplug unit and 1x wireless homeplug extender
If you are capable of running the CAT5 cabling yourself, these can be more expensive
They are handy and work well but it is an additional cost to absorb