100m CAT6e Outdoor Ethernet Network Cable Roll

100m CAT6e Outdoor Ethernet Network Cable Roll




DESCRIPTION of CAT6e Ethernet Cable


CAT6e UTP 100MHz Ethernet cable

Colour: Black

Pairs: 4 Sets of Twisted Pair


Outer Cable Diameter: 4.86mm

Outer Core Cable Diameter: 0.85mm (Inner 0.47mm)

High Quality CAT6e Ethernet Cable

Length: 100m

Terminated: Yes

Manufacturer: Philex

Part Number: 70399/100

Packaging: Vacuum Packed Roll

Connector type:

RJ45 8 Pin Connector

Need to Use an RJ45 Crimping Tool


USES of CAT6e Ethernet Cable

 Used in conjunction with RJ45 connectors & a crimping tool for:

Building Local Area Networks (LANs) for connecting computers, printers etc into a network

Connecting the ethernet port on a satellite receiver to the internet

Connecting IP security cameras back to a router


NOTES on Cable & Connectors


The RJ stands for ‘Registered Jack’

The RJ11 comes with 4 pin slots

Only the 2 middle pins are needed

It is used for dial up internet or voice but not broadband.

It is used with telephone cables

If the RJ connector has copper pins in all 4 slots

It is actually an RJ14 but can be used as if it was an RJ11

The other commonly used RJ plug is the RJ45

It is used with LAN networks, ethernet ports etc

It has 8 pins

It is used with CAT6 Ethernet Cable